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South europe countries list

Southern Europe is the southern subregion of Europe. Southern Europe is focused on the three peninsulas located in the extreme south of the European continent. These three peninsulas are separated from the rest of Europe by towering mountain ranges.

The location of these peninsulas in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as their mountainous reliefs, provide them with very different types of climates mainly subtropical Mediterranean from the rest of the continent.

So, the Sirocco hot wind that originates in the heart of the Sahara blows over Italygoing up to the interior of the Alpine arc Po Valley.

The Alps prevent the Sirocco from spreading to the rest of Europe.

south europe countries list

And, conversely, the Alps and the Pyrenees protect the Italian and Iberian peninsulas from the rains and icy winds from the south of France such as the Mistral and the Tramontane. When the Mistral and the Tramontane are blowing, this provokes an "upwelling" phenomenon on the French coast.

They push the surface waters out to sea and bring deeper, cooler waters up to the seaside. Consequently, the temperature of the waters of the French coasts are therefore very cool even in summer, and not representative of the rest of the Mediterranean.

These mountain ranges have, moreover, been a serious handicap to population displacement, focusing southern Europe mainly on the Mediterranean world. The climate and cultures are therefore very specific.

Different methods can be used to define Southern Europe, including its politicaleconomicand cultural attributes. Southern Europe can also be defined by its natural features — its geographyclimateand flora. Geographically, Southern Europe is the southern portion of the European continent.

This definition is relative, although largely based on history, culture, climateand flora, which is shared across the region. Southern Europe can be subdivided into three subregions :. The geographic and ethno-cultural borders of southern Europe are the AlpsPyrenees and Balkan Mountains to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Map representing the geography of Europe.

We can see the mountain ranges separating southern Europe. Southern Europe's most emblematic climate is the Mediterranean climateinfluenced by the large subtropical semi-permanent centre of high atmospheric pressure found, not in the Mediterranean itself, but in the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores High.

The Mediterranean climate covers PortugalSpainItalythe southern coast of Francecoastal Croatiacoastal SloveniaMontenegroAlbaniaand Greeceas well as the Mediterranean islands. Those areas of Mediterranean climate present similar vegetations and landscapes throughout, including dry hills, small plains, pine forests and olive trees. Cooler climates can be found in certain parts of Southern European countries, for example within the mountain ranges of Spain and Italy.

Additionally, the north coast of Spain experiences a wetter Atlantic climate. Some parts of Southern Europe have humid subtropical climates with warm and wet summers, unlike typical Mediterranean climates. Satellite map showing the Sirocco blowing over ItalyAlbania and Greece. The heat and the sand of the Sahara are transported to the south of Europe. Lemnos Desert in Greece. The Phoenicians originally expanded from Canaan portsdominating trade in the Mediterranean by the 8th century BC.

Carthage was founded in BC, and the Carthaginians by BC had firmly established strongholds in SicilyItaly and Sardiniawhich created conflicts of interest with Etruria.Southern Europe, also known as Mediterranean Europe, comprises fifteen countries and the British Overseas territory of Gibraltar, and has a total population of more than million people.

Some of the major countries in the region include Spain, Italy, and Greece. The region was also home to two of the most influential civilizations: ancient Greece and Rome.

Ancient Greece was one of the most scientifically and culturally advanced societies in history. Its alphabet is the ancestor of all modern European alphabets. On the other hand, ancient Rome had a significant impact on Western ideas of military, government, and laws. Its laws and court systems have served as the foundation of modern Western justice systems. Portugal has a total area of 35, square miles and a population of more than 10 million people.

Thus, Roman influence is prevalent throughout the area. An example of this is the languages spoken in the region.

List of Countries in Southern Europe

Castilian, Portuguese, Catalan, and Galician derived from Latin that the Romans brought over during their conquest. In addition to the languages, the Romans introduced Christianity to the peninsula.

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Italy makes up the bulk of the peninsula, but it also includes the independent states of San Marino and the Vatican City. San Marino was founded in AD and is considered the oldest republic in the world. Vatican City is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. The independent city-state is the smallest country globally, with a total area of 0. Ancient Rome would produce one of the most powerful empires in its time, which would collapse in the 4th century AD.

Europe's Top 10 Most Powerful Countries 2021.

Some of the most influential figures in history, such as Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, and Augustus, lived during this time. Italy was also the birthplace of the Renaissance, which saw advances in art, science, literature, philosophy, and exploration. The Renaissance originated in Florence and eventually spread throughout western and northern Europe. Many experts say this period was the most important in human development since the fall of ancient Rome.

Some descriptions of the Balkans also include Greece and Turkey. However, not all countries of the region are included in Southern Europe and the list varies with source. The Byzantine Empire controlled the peninsula before the Ottoman Turks took over in the 14th and 15th centuries. In the early 20th century, the peninsula was divided between Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Yugoslavia. InYugoslavia separated into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia, and Serbia and Montenegro which has now split into two independent countries.

The Balkan Peninsula is full of diverse religions and ethnic groups and is a melting pot of European and Asian civilizations. Perhaps one of the most important ancient civilizations in the peninsula was ancient Greece. Greece flourished during its Classical Period, a golden age that began around BCE and lasted years.

During this time, ancient Greece made considerable advancements in Western philosophy, literature, mathematics, history, and drama.The following are the list of countries in Southern Europe. There is a total of 19 countries and the list is as follows.

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south europe countries list

All The U. Print Options. Southern Europe: Countries. Nickname Score Time. Southern Europe is known all over the world for its healthy Mediterranean diet and relaxed lifestyle by the sea. But there are a few places that are less familiar, like North Macedonia and Montenegro. After you ace this geography game, you will finally be able to join that Geography Club, or at least pass your next geography quiz. Europe: Countries.

Europe: Countries Cartoon Version. European Union: Countries. Europe: Capitals.

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Europe: Cities. Europe: Physical Features. Europe: Bodies of Water.There are overlapping and conflicting definitions as to where exactly Southeastern Europe begins or ends or how it relates to other regions of the continent. Sometimes, Moldova and Slovenia are also included.

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The boundaries of the region can vary greatly and are widely disputed, due to political, economic, historical, cultural, and geographical considerations and point of view of the observer. The first known use of the term "Southeast Europe" was by Austrian researcher Johann Georg von Hahn — as a broader term than the traditional Balkans[1] a concept based on the boundaries of the Balkan Peninsula the countries that have been described as being entirely within the Balkan region are: AlbaniaKosovo[a] Bosnia and HerzegovinaBulgariaMontenegroand North Macedonia [2].

Countries that are geographically, at least partially, described to be within the region are as follows: [3]. In the CIA World Factbookthe description of each country includes information about "Location" under the heading "Geography", where the country is classified into a region. The following countries are included in their classification "Southeast Europe": [8].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 24 January Geographic region in Europe. Europe portal. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. The two governments began to normalise relations inas part of the Brussels Agreement.

south europe countries list

Kosovo is currently recognized as an independent state by 98 out of the United Nations member states. In total, UN member states recognized Kosovo at some point, of which 15 later withdrew their recognition. I — Italia, Ed. De Agostini p. Anderson, James Broadman World Bank Publications. Health and Economic Development in South-eastern Europe.This list of European countries by population comprises the 51 countries and 6 territories and dependencies in Europebroadly definedincluding CyprusKazakhstanTurkeyand the countries of the Caucasus.

List of countries in Europe

The most populous country in Europe is Russia. The most populous country wholly located within Europe is Germany. The ranking here is determined by the given populations, which are the latest available national figures.

For some countries, these are estimates or somewhat out of date, so that the ranking of countries that are very close in population is approximate. The United Nations estimates are those published in the UN's World Population Prospects as of [update][3] [4] which are based on censuses, population registers, surveys, and other statistics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Excluding the 14 Overseas Territories and 3 Crown dependencies. GibraltarJerseythe Isle of Manand Guernsey shown separately below.

However includes the entire population of territory in the Donbass region where there are ongoing insurgencies by separatist forces. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. The two governments began to normalise relations inas part of the Brussels Agreement.

List of European countries by population

Kosovo is currently recognized as an independent state by 98 out of the United Nations member states. In total, UN member states recognized Kosovo at some point, of which 15 later withdrew their recognition.

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